1. Most Out Standing Design in 2009 at The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, Gold Award in 2008, Silver Award in 2006, 2007, Bronze Award in 2010 and 2011.
  2. Christian and his team should be so proud of themselves. Each demonstrated a great deal of tenacity, creative skill, brawn and God-given talent whilst working through rain, hail and more rain. Christian’s approach to ‘organic’ landscaping produced a garden that exceeded our expectations. While we made plans, and the team worked to a schedule, Christian factored in something that is overlooked by most: he allowed the land and flora to claim its own, natural space. The result: a beautifully designed, executed and unaffected landscape that will only better in time.
  3. When our garden was first completed it was all so pristine. Shinny new BBQ, brightly lacquered timber, glossy paving & marble, unmarked painting & dwarfed plants. Our garden wall art now has a lovely patina, plants have matured, paint has softened & overall it’s evolved into a warm, lush, welcoming space filled with more texture & life.
  4. From the moment of its completion, our garden has been an ongoing delight for us, our family, friends and other visitors. We are particularly entranced with how, with its different species of deciduous trees, it changes through the seasons – the way it is so shaded in summer, the beautiful colour changes through autumn, its stark beauty in winter, and its rebirth each spring. It has grown vigorously since its establishment and now needs regular general maintenance and pruning, the latter so the plants don’t overshadow the views of its rocks, boardwalks and other permanent features, but it continues to more than reward the care and attention we give it.